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Create Bathroom Storage That Has Style



If you need to create storage for your bathroom there is no reason that you can’t do it in style! Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can always use extra storage.  You can add storage that is modern, cottage chic, minimalist (in which case I am not sure you would need storage since you are already using the bare minimum shutterstock_2581838_(2)in the bathroom.) I wanted to share with you some great ideas I found to add storage with flair!

Multi Purpose Containers: If you have the space for decorative containers, you can easily fill them with q-tips, cotton balls, hair accessories and any number of items.  This is a great way to kill two birds; so to speak!

Go Vertical: In every bathroom, there is typically empty wall space that can be converted into vertical storage.  Many home improvement stores carry several options for cabinetry, including cabinets that are slimmer and are perfect for the vertical storage.

Shelving:  Adding decorative shelving is not only easy to install but it is quite affordable as well.  There are so many styles for shelving that you can most likely find the perfect shelving that will go well with your decor.

Go Modular: Modular storage is very popular right now and it is very easy to install.  Modular storage units are sold in most home improvement and discount stores.  They snap or lock together and virtually all of them haveshutterstock_109952588_(2) storage bins that fit into the cubes.  These little beauties pack a big punch with a limited amount of space.

Reduce Clutter: Drawer organization is no longer just for silverware. By creating organization within your bathroom vanity drawers, you will be able to store more and have it easily accessible.