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Simple Ways to Redesign your Kitchen



If your kitchen is making you frown, you can make small changes that will turn that frown upside down!  You don’t need to spend a lot of money for a new table or to replace your cabinets.  All you need is a few hours and a few dollars to transform your kitchen into a room you will love to be in.Placemats

1. If you have a kitchen table, you can make a few simple changes that will make it look like new.  Something as simple as a new table cloth, runner or placemats can make a world of difference.  You can make your own no-sew placemats or table runner with some fabric and iron on tape and you can complete this project in just about an hour.

2. If you have chairs, stools or a bench that is padded, you can transform your seating with some fabric and a staple gun.  I recommend using home decor weight fabric as it is more durable than quilting or other cotton fabrics.  When measuring your seating, remember to add 3-5” all around to allow for the folding of the fabric to the underside.  If you don’t have padded seating, you can usually find inexpensive seat cushions at the discount store.

3. To save the time and money of repainting the entire kitchen, you can paint one accent wall.  For one full wall, you can probably get away with using a quart of paint.  If you aren’t crazy about painting, you can use wall stickers or decals.  You can find large decals sets that are made to cover an entire wall.  In my kitchen, I have a large tree branch with leaves that takes up a space that is about 4 sq.ft

4. Buy some new towels and a colorful rug to brighten the room.  You can find reasonably priced rugs at most discount stores and a package of towels can be bought for under $10.00.  Another solution for the floor is to purchase carpet tiles or squares and make a runner for in front of your sink or stove.  This is another low cost and effective way to change the look of the room.(17A)Opulence_SB_Bay22_t3

5. One of my favorite ways to change the look of the kitchen is to add backsplash. Although some backsplash materials can be rather expensive, there are different options for every price point.Find a material that is durable and can handle a little wear and tear, but also goes with the theme of your kitchen.