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urban kitchen revamped

Danielle and Ryan, a young Seattle couple, recently purchased their first home together. The location and city view were ideal.  But the interior layout and decor was definitely not ideal.  Although they’re typically the go-to couple for hosting a party and entertaining, this condo was a bit too embarrassing for them to open their doors to friends and family.

Needless to say, a renovation was a top priority.  They called on April Bettinger, a veteran remodeler from Nip Tuck Remodeling, for a bit of guidance on making the place more functional and modern.

April helped the couple create a better entertaining zone and update the kitchen’s cabinetry, appliances and faucet (now a new high-rise pull-down faucet from Danze’s Amalfi Collection).

Take a look at how this renovation changed the entire complexion of their home!

For those looking to remodel their home, April offers these suggestions:

Define the goals-- Think about the end result and describe what that looks like. How should this room fit within the rest of the home?

Discuss your lifestyle-- How do you use the space, or how would you like to use it? Consider multipurpose uses, functionality, storage, overall size and layout.

Share the budget-- Be upfront about how much you feel comfortable spending and where.

Account for time in home-- To determine any remodel investment consider how long you’ve owned the home and how long you plan to stay.


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