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Color Me Gray





With the bathroom being such an important part of the home, its design is just as important as any other room. There are several current trends around the industry, but neutral organic colors seem to be all over the walls. From tones of grays to whites, the walls seem to be staying neutral, while the accessories are adding that pop of color that catches the eye.

A few colors that can really make are really making a statement this year are: reds, yellows, greens, and blues. I’m not talking a muted mint green or baby blue, make an impact with these colors. If you can buy neon yellow towels, go for it! With such a neutral backdrop, a few towels, rugs, accessories, and a patterned shower curtain can give your bathroom the style it longs for.

Next, be smart about your accessories. Unlike the living room, this space is much smaller, so each piece needs to pack a punch and also be useful. Bringing in flowers can bring a sense of freshness, but if you are looking for something that will last a little longer, changing out a few accent towels and rugs might be just what your room needs. Another inexpensive change can be the shower curtain, be bold by bringing in color or a great graphic pattern that will tie your room together.



One last big trend this year is the use of eco-friendly products in the bathroom. Going green, can really help the environment and also reduce your monthly utility bills. One easy change is switching to a Watersense showerhead. There are plenty of different trendy and multi-function showerheads that are water sufficient without sacrificing pressure or style.

Updating your bathroom can be a simple weekend project that will sure to make a big impact in your home!