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Everyone Deserves a Great Shower

For each of us, the shower experience means something a little different.  For some, it’s simply a way to keep our bodies clean.  For others, it’s a way to escape the day and retreat to the hot, powerful, soothing water that seems to make everything a bit better.

Danze_AirInjectionTechnologySo as we hear about more water restrictions in states such as California and more efforts to reduce water usage through initiatives such as the EPA’s WaterSense program, it’s only natural for us to have concern about the impact these and other happenings will have on our precious shower experience.  After all, no one wants to give up the luxury of a great shower.

Thanks to manufacturers such as Danze, more and more proof exists that high performance CAN co-exist with lower water flow.  In fact, several Danze products incorporate proprietary technology that maximizes water pressure even when flow rates are low or restricted, or when you’re consciously looking to conserve water.

In fact, one of the shower solutions Danze recently introduced is our Air Injection technology.  By working our magic on the “engine” of the showerhead, we’re able to literally inject warm air through two holes in the ball joint.  The result? An improved shower experience that is powerful, relaxing and quiet.

Take a look at the video to see the magic of air in your shower experience!