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Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips



Busy_Mom_in_KitchenThe kitchen has been called the heart of the house.  It is where the family gathers to talk, eat, do homework and more. So having a clean kitchen is essential. It is also a nonstop job if you let it be. But there are some ways to make sure your kitchen stays as clean as possible with less work and on a budget!

Sure, the dishes and wiping the counter tops are basic kitchen chores. But what about a good way to clean the backsplash or the shining up the floors that always seem to have the marks of foot traffic? And how can you do it without smelling up the kitchen with cleaning supplies?

Here are a few easy tips!

Try cleaning your backsplash or tile countertops with baking soda and water. Just sprinkle some powder on the counter or on a sponge, mix with water and scrub! This non abrasive technique is easy, cheap, and works!Moping_wood_floor

For those floors - especially wood ones that have lost their sheen with multiple moppings - try White Vinegar. Just mix some with warm water and mop as usual. Yes, there may be that vinegar aroma, but this method will shine up those dull floors and is super easy on your pocket book!

Ketchup is not just for hamburgers anymore! Try using some ketchup and warm water to remove tarnish from your pans! Just some light scrubbing and the tarnish should fade leaving you a sparkling pot to cook in.

Use salt to clean and freshen up your cast iron skillets! Just heat up 2 tablespoons of oil, add 3 tablespoons of salt, use tongs to wipe with a paper towel, reseason with the oil and you have a clean skillet for your next hash brown order!

These easy tips can help you clean on a budget and can easily keep your pesky cleaning problems at bay in your kitchen!