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Spring into a clean kitchen



It’s that time again, spring has sprung, and the daunting task of “spring cleaning” is on everyone’s to do list. Spring cleaning is a phrase that seems to haunt us rather than motivate us, but with the sun shining in our windows, the dust and spots seems to unmask themselves from the winter darkness and makes this task a must. Making this job quick and easy will help to freshen up your house without spending your whole day scrubbing each corner.

To begin with, always break your duties into rooms, by doing this, it won’t seem as intimidating and also takes up less of your busy day.

Here are 5 easy cleaning tips to freshen up your kitchen dramatically.

  1. Get out the vacuum. The vacuum is a great tool to start with, vacuuming not only the floors, but also filled_fridgeremoving dust from the window frames, tops of cabinets, moldings, and refrigerator coils (make sure to unplug the fridge before vacuuming). By vacuuming, it removes the dust so you can deep clean every corner of your kitchen.
  2. Clean the fridge in and out. Clean out the fridge by removing everything, this allows you to see what you have and what is expired. After removing everything, clean the shelves and drawers. When putting everything back in, organize your refrigerator so you can see everything and can keep track of what you have, which makes grocery lists a breeze.
  3. Wash the windows. Cleaning the windows from the inside as well as the out can make a huge difference. The leftover spots and dirt from the winter will mask your windows. By giving them a good clean it will allow the green that is blooming outside to bring freshness to your kitchen.
  4. Clean the cabinets and drawers.To begin with remove everything from inside your cabinets and drawers. Make sure and go through everything you remove, match up your containers with their lids, check that your baking ingredients are not expired, and that you don’t have duplicates of your utensils (no one needs 4 pairs of tongs). Vacuum out the drawers and wipe down both the shelves and drawers. When replacing everything make sure you keep in mind where you need your plates, compared to what cabinet should hold your pans. After cleaning inside, wipe down the outside of all your cabinets. When the sun shines in, it reveals all of the water spots and grime that has developed over the winter months so this job is an important one!
  5. The floors! Since you have already vacuumed, grab the cleaning solution of your choice and a RAG. cleaning_floorThat’s right, I said it, RAG. Put the mop away this week, and get on the floor and really scrub. By being close to the floor, you can concentrate on getting all of the scuffs and stains off of the floor. Along with the floor, wipe down the base boards as you move around your kitchen.

These 5 cleaning tips should have your kitchen ready for spring in only a few hours. It will set you up for a fresh start to the beautiful weather, and might just inspire you to move to the next room!