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Tips to Conserve Water in the Bathroom



shutterstock_110438954_(2)Of the 70% of water that covers the surface of our Earth, only a very small portion of that (one percent) is suitable for drinking. Making intelligent choices about how we use and conserve our water is important for the long term future of our growing population.   There are a number of  small steps that you can easily take to conserve water in the bathroom.  These simple steps can be used every day to make a difference in our future water supply.

1.  While you are brushing or flossing your teeth, don’t let the water continue to run.  Turn the water off until you need it again and then rinse the sink out when you’re done.

2.  While you’re running the faucet and waiting for the water to get to the right temperature for your shower, place a small bucket under the shower head to catch the water instead of letting it escape down the shower drain.  You can use this collected water for pets or to water plants or even your garden.


3.  Put the stopper in the bathtub when you first start running water instead of waiting for it to get to the right temperature.  Don’t waste the water going down the drain.  After the water is the correct temperature, adjust it as the tub fills.

4.  While you’re shaving, turn the water off.  Just fill your sink with a few inches of warm water to use while you’re shaving and need to rinse your razor.

5.  Don’t use the toilet to flush anything but sanitary waste. It should not be used as a garbage can.

6.  Consider installing water saving bathroom accessories like a high efficiency toilet or low flow shower head.

Making just a few of these water conscious choices will help you conserve water in the bathroom.