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Hilton Minneapolis


When your property uses 8+ million gallons of water every year simply from shower usage, chances are a water-saving showerhead might have an impact on your bottom line.  And who wouldn’t want that…as long as the guest’s shower experience isn’t sacrificed!

Dale Nelson, director of property operations for Hilton Minneapolis, asked himself a few standard questions during their recent room renovations:  How could he conserve water, save money and maintain the high quality guest experience Hilton is known for?  The answer surfaced clearly when he learned about Danze’s 2.0 showerheads.

Now with more than 850 Danze Florin 2.0 showerheads installed throughout the property, Dale stands to save nearly two million gallons of water each year, resulting in an annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

And what do guests say?  According to Nelson, 100 percent of the feedback has been positive regarding flow, pressure, volume and appearance.