Linda Evans CKD,CBD,CAPS



Company:  L.Evans Design Group

Address:    4600 Alder Street, West Linn, OR, 97068

Phone:       971-404-1241


1. What is your design philosophy?  

Measure twice and take lots of notes and before photos. When you’re in the beginning stages of design work for a client, it’s a given that you need to “listen to your client” but so much information is being exchanged that often a crucial detail can slip by.

By using systematic work habits I can be assured all pertinent information makes it back to my desk to further develop the project.


2. What is the best design advice you’ve ever given or been given?

Pick one thing that will make your clients project really sing”.

It could be selecting the perfect tile for a kitchen backsplash, choosing a gorgeous light fixture or embracing a plumbing fixture that will set the tone for the new bath remodel.

Dedicating time to find out what that one thing could be, will constantly make your client smile long after the completion of their project.


3. What is a recent project in which you are particularly proud of and why?

That’s a hard one as I am proud of all my projects. I feel so invested in each and every client as I move through their job. Recently I finished up a whole house remodel of a newly purchased older home that my clients were not moving into until I had completed the renovation.

It was a huge over haul with a deadline to get them into their new home before their old house sold. That can be daunting pressure on a large project as you have to keep the pace moving at all times to meet inspections, possible product and subcontractor delays, along with your client expectations for the production time line. Homeowners don’t always understand the amount of acrobats we do behind the scene to make it look easy.  They just want to see the end result as quickly as possible and hire you to make it happen.

Fortunately I am proud to say we made the dead line. Up front honesty and clear communication throughout a project will give your client a great sense of faith and security in your ability to make their project go seamlessly.


4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

As organically as possible, starting with adapting to each client’s personality traits.  I try to learn as much about my clients as possible as everyone is so different and fascinating to me. Getting to know how they live and then brainstorming with them on the project they have in mind is always inspirational. And when all else fails I head to the beach to re-energize my thoughts.


5. Do you specify Danze and if yes, what are your favorite products?

Yes I really love the “Opulence” two handle bridge wall mount faucet for historic kitchen installations and for a contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with the Parma Collection for its sleek lines.