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Danze, Inc., a leader in the plumbing products industry, has been named a Tester’s Fave by Good Housekeeping Institute’s “Home Appliances Lab.”

The Institute recognized Danze’s Boost 4” three-function showerhead (D460047) in the recent “Tried & Tested” feature of Good Housekeeping (April 2015 issue). Testers “found it easy to install, and it offers a fast rinse thanks to wide coverage and a strong flow.”Boost__D460047BN

During the testing process, this particular Danze 4” showerhead operated at 1.6 gallons per minute (gpm). With many standard showerheads operating at 2.5 gpm, the Good Housekeeping testers appreciated the savings this showerhead would provide. “A low flow rate doesn’t necessarily mean a less powerful spray – just that less water is used,” they added.

“For decades Good Housekeeping and its Seal of Approval have been an icon we’ve all turned to for advice on quality home products,” says Sharon Brady-Overby, vice president of sales for Danze. “The Home Appliance Lab tested showerhead after showerhead, so we’re very proud to have been recognized as a Tester’s Fave.”

The Boost 4” showerhead honored features three functions – wide, centerjet and aeration. Its Easy-Glide™ selector ring makes it easy to change the setting (even with a wet hand) and clicks into place ensuring the chosen selection. The showerhead also showcases Air Injection technology for an invigorating spa-like shower experience.