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New Digital Kitchen Faucet - Did-U-Wave

kbis_1920x1080_didUwaveDanze, Inc., known for its design innovation in decorative plumbing, has added its Did-U-Wave line of digital faucets to its expansive kitchen offering.

After months of technical research, gathering consumer insights and product design work, Danze has introduced two new kitchen products as part of the Did-U-Wave digital family. While the design of each product varies, the key features and attributes of both stem from the same technology, including:

Motion sensor.  The 3-inch infrared sensor allows for motion-activated functionality – perfect when hands are full or dirty, etc. (Automatically shuts off in 60 seconds.)

LED task lighting.This white light at the tip of the spray head provides spot lighting that moves every-where the head goes, which is right where you need it!

SnapBack Technology.Offering the latest in retraction, the Snap-N-Lock weight system offers easier, more flexible installation and is coupled with docking that ensures the head will comfortably snap into place after every use.

“By combining these features we’ve really been able to set our digital kitchen products apart from others on the market,” says Christine Hau, senior product manager for Danze.  “The unique task lighting and streamlined design are just a couple examples of our fresh approach to product development.”

According to Hau, that use of light has been on Danze’s radar for quite some time.  “People are fascinated with how water and light interact and we’re showing it can be a beautiful (and highly functional) thing!” she says.

Each of the new digital faucets offered as an AC (hard-wired) and DC (battery powered) option.  Note: only the AC version of each offers task lighting.

Both feature a streamlined spray head and sleek contour with dual functionality (aerated and stream). The products within the new digital family showcase a ceramic disc valve to ensure durability and operate at a conservative 2.2 gallons of water per minute.  They are available in both Chrome and Stainless Steel finishes.