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Danze, Inc., known for its unique design and innovation in the plumbing industry, has D454058SS-Cintroduced SnapBack™ Technology – a revolution in kitchen faucets.

Homeowners, designers and plumbing industry professionals continue to gravitate to pull-down and pull-out faucets when specifying kitchens.  While these fixtures often serve as a design statement piece, to many the allure lies within their high level of functionality.

Given that ongoing trend and the demand for added functionality, the construction and quality of the faucets will be more important than ever moving forward.  To address that need, Danze has set a “new standard” when it comes to pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets by creating a unique combination of key elements that make its retraction system like no other on the market:

Ø  SnapBack Technology– The technology’s name literally drew its inspiration from the “snap” that allows the head to comfortably fit into place every time. It ensures “no-droop” docking.

Ø  Snap-N-Lock™ Weight- Provides easier, more flexible installation and simply snaps into place. No tools are required and adjustments are easy after installation.

Ø  Smooth-Pull Hose– This low-friction, abrasion proof hose guides smoothly within the faucet’s body (meaning no rattling noise!).  It is light weight, kink resistant, highly flexible and offers amazing memory to find its way back to its original place each time.

In addition to these elements, faucets featuring SnapBack Technology include an ergonomically designed, super swivel two-function spray head, solid brass construction and a ceramic disc valve.

SnapBack Technology will be incorporated into all new pull-down and pull-out faucets from Danze.  It is currently available on these recently introduced models:

Ø  Parma Pull-down Kitchen Faucet (D454558)

Ø  Como Pull-down Kitchen Faucet (D454542)

Ø  Amalfi Pull-down Kitchen Faucet (D457030)

Ø  Anu Pull-down Kitchen Faucet (D457020)

Ø  Mid-Town Pull-out Kitchen Faucet (D404562)

Ø  The new Parma Café Pull-down Faucet (D454058)

Ø  Danze’s newest kitchen products: Did-U-Wave digital faucets debuting at KBIS 2015

Watch this video to see how it works!