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brand refreshment

Danze, the creator of stylish and surprisingly affordable kitchen and bath solutions, is initiating a new repositioning of its brand within the plumbing products category: “Delight people every day with refreshing experiences and well-designed products.” This redefined customer commitment represents not only why Danze first opened its doors back in 2001, but how its products directly impact the lives and homes of today’s America.

SlinkyLong-known for its combination of fresh styles, finely crafted products and affordable price points, Danze was impacted (like many other kitchen and bath manufacturers) by the challenges of the housing crash.

“Instead of panicking, we did what any strong organization would do. We stopped and listened again to what our customers were saying,” explains Michael Werner, President and CEO. Danze discovered that homeowner preferences had changed and roles had shifted with the times. “Thanks to the information-rich Internet, the industry wasn’t leading the way any more — consumers were. Today’s consumer wants products that reflect the way they live. They want products that improve their lives. And they want it all at a better value,” says Werner. “And they’ll keep searching until they find exactly what they want.”

To help deepen their understanding of consumer marketing as they began a vigorous brand refinement process, the Danze marketing team partnered with consumer marketing professionals at Chicago-based firm Y&R Midwest (owned by Young & Rubicam).

"Danze is a wonderful brand with a huge opportunity to bring style and functionality and a real smile into the homes of millions, we are thrilled to help them get there!" says Kary McIlwain, President, Y&R Midwest.

After a series of strategic brainstorming sessions, the Danze and Y&R team consistently found themselves reflecting on how, day-in and day-out, Danze products impact the lives of families and individuals on an emotional level.

This creative process led Danze to develop a new and dynamic belief system:

We believe everything we do helps people feel better about their homes, their lives andthemselves.  “We knew we hit on something that not only felt right, but would be extremely relevant to the Danze end user,” says Y&R’s McIlwain.

With this exciting belief system as its source of inspiration, Y&R created a new logo and identity that would visually express who Danze is, and the way Danze makes people feel.

“Our new logo and identity better capture the freshness, youthfulness and relevancy of Danze,” according to Kevin McJoynt, Vice President of Brand Management. “We also love how in both style and messaging it reinforces our difference from others in the plumbing products category,” he added. “The language we use to describe ourselves and visual elements of the new logo and identity hopefully demonstrate our commitment to deliver refreshing experiences at every turn, in a playful and inspiring way.”

Personality Brought to Life – Anatomy of the Logo

Danze set out to transform its logo into a symbol of refreshing ideas and to stand out from the competition. Here are some of the elements that brought it to life

  • Moving to a more contemporary font in lower case form aligns with the Danze culture - fun and approachable
  • The addition of the splash mark provides a visual hook, which represents not only the brand’s industry, but their excitement

After a successful introduction of the brand’s new identity to the trade at this year’s NKBA Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Danze plans to jumpstart a direct relationship with homeowners this summer. The goal of this strategic initiative will be to help drive those homeowners to trade partners – a win-win scenario for all Danze partners.