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The Powder Room

The powder room - it's one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it's also the room that typically sees the most traffic, especially when you're entertaining guests.

DC061421WH_Cobalt_1pc_toilet_v1So, is your powder room "worthy" of guest traffic? Just because it's the smallest room doesn't mean it needs to be small in style. Rather, it is the perfect space to take a risk and design a cool little chamber your guests won't soon forget.

Getting Started

If the floor plan of your space isn't going to change (plumbing won't move, walls won't be knocked down, etc.), updating your powder room can be fairly simple and affordable. To start your room re-design, you'll first need to determine your personal style.

Start by looking at the rest of your house. Determine whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styling and imagine how your new powder room will fit in with the rest of your home. To spark new ideas and keep you current on trends, visit a local kitchen and bath showroom, a model home or a show home that features bath and powder rooms. Flipping through magazines or visiting home improvement Web sites are also great resources. Articles on recent room makeovers and new bath products can help you determine which elements you want to be part of your room.

Selecting the Pieces

Because you're working with a relatively small space every styling detail counts. Somemanufacturers are making it even easier for homeowners to coordinate their pieces by designing complete suites.

"Danze recently introduced three new Powder Room Collections that make decor coordination much easier for homeowners," says Jennifer Lee, Danze director of marketing,

fixtures. "The Orrington, Cirtangular and Ziga Zaga Collections are each meticulously designed to provide an entire powder room suite."

So what elements comprise that suite? In addition to accessories and a mirror, here are a few of the imperative pieces you'll need to choose for your room:


Lavatory Sink

Many designers and homeowners try to maximize space in their powder room. A pedestal sink might be the best way to do just that. And because storage is less critical in this room, a pedestal sink provides a clean, open look to the area.

If a pedestal sink isn't your style, explore the wide range of vessel sinks available. These "bowls" sit on top of a vanity cabinet and can bring a unique design expression to the room.

Design Tip: Select an interesting material for your vessel bowl like stone, timeless vitreous china, blown glass or hammered metal to create an attention-getting, distinctive look for your sink.



Burbank_BathEnviro_DH304022BN_-_CopyThe faucet you choose will help pull the decor together and can serve as an extra piece of "jewelry" for theroom. There are many different styles of bathroom faucets, but popular powder room versions include vessel fillers (to accommodate vessel sinks), wall-mount faucets and wide-spread faucets. The faucet's finish and scale is also a critical selection to attain the mood you're hoping to create.

Design Tip: If you're considering a wall-mount faucet, have your plumbing professional mount it through the glass of your mirror. What a reflection of style!



While maybe not the sexiest piece in the powder room, the toilet is arguably one of the most important. There's no doubt performance should be at the top of your checklist when selecting this piece, but you don't need to sacrifice style. Some toilets are now designed as part of a collection, matching your sink and the other pieces to your room. In addition to style and performance, look for ergonomic design and water efficiency when making your selection.

Design Tip: Choose a toilet lever that matches the style and finish of your faucet and bath accessories. They're easy to switch out and can be a noticeable design detail. You'll look like a pro.

 "Homeowners appreciate it when it's easier to coordinate every aspect of their powder room decor," adds Lee. "Matching styles of the sink, toilet, vanity, faucet and accessories brings a noticeable cohesiveness to the entire room."