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Trends in Kitchen and Bath


Greening your home: Start at the tap

In today's environmentally conscious times, it seems we're surrounded by the need to shop, act and live "green." Some of our choices are easy and small, while others can be big and costly. View Trend


Planning your new kitchen – renew or redo?

Upgrading the kitchen is on many homeowners' "to do" list. And for good reason. A minor kitchen remodel ranks fourth on the list of the top 10 home improvement projects as per Remodeling Magazine. View Trend


The Powder Room: Small Space, Big Design

The Powder Room. It's one of the smallest rooms in the house. But just because it's a small room doesn't mean it needs to be small in style.
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Hard-working Kitchens with Style

Years ago, the kitchen served a very utilitarian function. Today, it's truly the nerve center of the house. More homeowners than ever seek ways to make their kitchens work harder. View Trend


Professional-grade Kitchens that Really Cook

Gourmet chefs aren't the only ones enjoying a professional kitchen. Amenity-packed designs make cooking at home simpler than ever.
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Freshen Up Your Home With a "Mini Makeover"

Remodeling a room in a home can be a big undertaking. But "mini makeovers" are often fulfilling that need to freshen up a room.
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Create a State-of-the-art Kitchen with Historical-Style Details

Vintage motifs have become a hot trend in home kitchen design, but your old-world kitchen can still take advantage of the latest technology.
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Bring the Outdoors In to Create a Nature-Inspired Home

Homeowners admire colors and rich textures of Earthy materials and constantly seek ways to incorporate them into their havens.
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Customized Showers – A Daily Dose of Luxury

The shower was once the bathroom's most unassuming area, solely offering functionality while the jetted tub had all the fun. Times have changed.
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