Let’s come clean about bathrooms. They were invented because people get dirty. We just happen to think a clean look should be part of the picture too. So we start with durable materials and shape them into enduring designs. Then we add innovations, like WaterSense, which saves h2o without sacrificing pressure or performance.

And get this: all our valves work with all our faucet trims, which cleans up a lot of the guess-work when it comes to installation.

Featured Collections


Parma Collection

Like a modern-day muse, the Parma™ Trim Line Mini-Widespread Lavatory Faucet spreads a contemporary charisma to everything in your bathroom. The adaptable, cylindrical design brings function to form and is perfect for an enchanting scrub in a tight space.

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South Shore Collection

The South Shore™ collection provides a sleek and unique design – a perfect complement to today’s modern bathroom. Introduced in Chrome and Brushed Nickel, South Shore products offer beautiful style at a very attainable price. The geometric architecture of this collection provides a space-conscious scale with clean, simple lines.

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Mid-town Collection

Like an obelisk in a high-style oasis, the Mid-town™ Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet will take your contemporary décor to the next level. And if this faucet’s clean design isn’t enough, then its excellent performance is sure to impress.

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