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Whether you’re revitalizing an entire city, a small community, or simply a residential living space, staying current on codes, sustainable design, green practices, technological advances and new product choices is vital to your success.

Antioch_showerenviro_D510022TAt Danze we may only influence a small part of your overall world, but we take that small part very seriously. We work tirelessly to design products that are innovative and beautiful – whether you’re looking to add them into a home, hotel or hospital.

We’re also on the forefront of water savings efforts.  Our faucets, toilets and showerheads are among the best in the industry when it comes to finding the perfect balance between high performance and efficiency.  In fact, our showerheads met the EPA’s WaterSense standards before those standards were even published (we worked in conjunction with the EPA to establish their benchmarks).

In addition to our products, we hope you’ll take advantage of this section of We encourage you to utilize our extensive product search, read the insightful blog postings, read up on some of what’s happening around the industry and use it as a resource for continuing education opportunities or upcoming events.