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Welcome to the Professional Section of where we tailor content, industry reporting and product trend information specifically for you – today’s builder and remodeler.

No one would dispute that the challenging economic times in our nation’s housing market has set many of us back a step or two in recent years.  If you’re like us, it forced us to retrench, re-evaluate and make sure we’re on the right path for continued success.

During that process we found we were doing a lot of things well – luckily! But as with any company looking to prosper, we wanted to make some changes that would help our valued customers. As a result, we’ve recently developed several new product collections with you, the builder, in mind.  The collections are intended to benefit you in a few ways:

Offer beautiful designs on all faucets and fixtures – even those at a more modest price

Provide more style choices so your clients can find something that’s just right for their personal taste.

Offer all of this at a price that hits your sweet spot (and allows you to make a better margin than you may be able to from some of our competitors).

We’re proud of some of these new collections – Amalfi, Eastham, Antioch, Prince and Reef are just a few tailored with you specifically in mind.Reef-2

In addition to our products, we hope you’ll take advantage of this section of  While you’re on the site, we encourage you to utilize our extensive product search, read the insightful blog postings, look through our interpretation of today’s hottest trends and read up on some of what’s happening around the industry.