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Berit Rosenberg



      Company:  Sterling Carpet One

      Address:    Bemidji, MN

      Phone:      218-751-1063 



Q: What’s your design philosophy?

Problem solving design. Everyone that walks through our door is in need of a solution. It might be a worn or damaged space that needs to be repaired or updated, they might be looking to find inspiration for a new home, or trying to create a space that functions better for a growing family or a changing living situation. I’m here to guide them to the result they need.

Q: What’s the best piece of design advice you have received?

Listen to what your client wants and help them edit to create a space they will love. I believe in keeping everything simple. From conception to completion, my goal is to keep my client from getting overwhelmed. Being organized is so important.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m inspired by my clients. Each one has a story or a vision for the space we are working on. I like to help them make selections for what makes them happy or what resolves their challenges. I enjoy working with timeless products that are easy to take care of.

Q: What’s the main reason you specify Danze and what’s your favorite Danze product?

Danze has great solutions for every project in every budget. For the kitchen, I like using the Parma collection. In bathrooms I do a lot of Antioch for my more contemporary projects, and Eastham for those that are more traditional.