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Lori Carroll



      Company:  Lori Carroll & Associates

      Address:  Tucson, AZ

      Phone:       520-886-3443  



Q: What’s your design philosophy?

Using the location of a project as inspiration is my design philosophy. Taking cues from the surrounding environment is key to creating the perfect space that will fit a client’s lifestyle.

Q: What is the best advice you could give a new designer?

The best piece of design advice I can give is “less is more”. The basis of great interior design is character and function. Achieving both of these fundamentals as simply and creatively as possible will result in a project with purpose; that is beautiful yet refined.

Q: What’s a recent project you’re particularly proud of?

A recent project that was especially rewarding, was helping clients who had lost their home to a devastating fire during renovation. The couple contacted me after they started to re-build and I was able to help them re-use some of the salvaged materials and add new design elements to create a luxury home that exceeded their expectations.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

I use anything and everything around me for inspiration. It might be as simple as a fabric swatch or as complex as the amazing view outside a window.