Adventures in Style – The Art of Choosing a New Bathroom Faucet

For a quick bathroom makeover, nothing beats a new faucet. Available in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and finishes, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from.  But before you install your new bathroom bling, you have to choose – and that can be a challenge.

Faucets styles are frequently categorized into three buckets – Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary.  But what do those titles mean and how do they translate to an actual faucet?


The Traditional Style typically features dignified designs and an appreciation of classic inspiration for a look that’s warm and refined.  Think definitive Americana and old world charm.


Transitional Style marries traditional charm and modern simplicity for a look that’s comfortably sophisticated.  Think a modern living setting decorated with cozy and relaxed design accents.


Finally, the Contemporary Style focuses on clean lines and minimal design for a look that’s sleek, bold and simple.  Think uncluttered spaces with a casual atmosphere and artistic flair.


BUT –  just because a faucet is dropped into a style category doesn’t mean you can’t use it in a fun and playful cross-over way.

Does your bath have chair-rail trim, a traditional vanity and Cape Cod inspired mirror but you love the sleek design of a contemporary faucet like the Danze® Mid-town™?  Try pairing the faucet with a few more modern touches like a matching towel bar, stone accents and a pop of unexpected color.  Do you gravitate to smooth hard surfaces and cool tiles but love the look of a traditional faucet like the Danze® Opulence™?  Try mixing hard edges with soft touches, angles with round or oval accents to blend the two.

And remember – it doesn’t have to be permanent.  Modern bathroom faucet installation is usually easy and in two or three years you may want a new look and feel for your personal space. So have fun, explore your options and enjoy your updated bathroom!