ColRich Builder

Personalized customer service. Commitment. A desire for fresh designs.  These are just a few of the values ColRich Builders promises their customers in Southern California. No wonder they took a quick liking to the Danze brand and product line – our values echo theirs.

ColRich, formed in 1977, has grown to be one of the most reputable residential builders and commercial developers on the west coast.  The designers and specifiers for ColRich just recently learned of Danze, and their spec sheets have already changed to include a variety of products in the line.

“One of my favorites is the Parma Collection,” said Kelly Hiltscher, director of sales and marketing at ColRich.  “It looks modern and fresh, and has high design.  I love that it’s affordable and available when I need it.  I feel like I get access to a custom-looking product with great quality, without the custom price and wait time!”

Kelly recently included Parma bath faucets on her options list for one of ColRich’s latest projects – the Solaire townhouse project in San Marcos, California. These loft-like townhomes feature wide-open floor plans, sleek fixtures and cutting-edge electronics perfect for the next generation of new home dwellers.  With those design standards in mind, Kelly loved that Danze gave her a new choice.  “A nice new look that’s different from the same old stuff,” she said.

Kelly’s counterpart, Steve Molina, on the fixture side of the project also included Danze in the Solaire specification.  This time for high-efficiency toilets.

“I knew I wanted a high-efficiency toilet, so it was nice to see that I could get one that had a sleek, contemporary look and was affordable compared to many of its counterparts from other brands,” said Steve.  “What sealed the deal for me? Our plumber recommended Danze.”