The proprietary DockForce system anchors the spray head to the spout and creates a tight seal. Coupled with the pull-back force of SnapBack, DockForce secures the docking position as the retraction system pulls the spray head up with ease.

By combining the functionality of both systems with the continuity of the spray head design, the Selene pull-down faucet balances function and form.


SnapBack® Retraction System with Grip Lock®

The popular SnapBack retraction system uses a Grip Lock weight to smoothly pull the spray head into place. The adjustable weight slides open and closed with no tools necessary and lets you customize the hose pull to fit your needs.


Quick Connect

The Quick Connect Assembly is a type of hose connection that replaces the traditional style of compression or threaded connections.

In order to install a quick connect assembly, please make sure to remove the protective cap before you begin. The protective cap is a piece of white, semi-transparent plastic and prevents dirt or debris from getting inside the spray hose. To remove the protective cap, use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the cap from the adapter.

Once the protective cap is removed, the quick connect assembly can now be installed. In order to install it, line up the quickconnect adapter with the faucet supply pipe. Insert the pipe into the adapter and push hard until the adapter slides up and clicks into place.

Shower Trim – powered by the innovative Treysta valve

Danze by Gerber has an extensive line of tub & shower trim all powered by the brand-new Treysta valve. From the intuitive open and close stops for easy maintenance, to easy installation and pressure-testing features, Treysta saves both time and money. Fully compatible with Danze by Gerber shower trim kits, Treysta helps you get the job done quickly and confidently – affording you peace of mind backed by Gerber reliability. Learn more about the Treysta valve here.


Showerhead Technology


Air Injection Technology – Maximum water velocity combined with air, creates a water conserving, high pressure experience.

Pressure Manifold Technology – Extreme water pressure pushed through our Manifold Channel provided coverage a low flow rate.

Dual Valve Technology – Managers water loss while supplying consistent water pressure, and intense force.


Laminar Flow


Touch Down Drain